Hannah and Colby’s wedding was lovely. It was the perfect combination of an elegant, loving ceremony, a delicious dinner, and a rockin’ good time of a reception!

My niece was a beautiful bride as she walked down the aisle to “Falling Slowly.” Before this moment, I was holding it together, but that song did it. I cried. I saw my niece in all her grace, her charming, contagious positivity, and her strength. I saw her smiling at Colby, so in love. She was perfect. She was floating.

My new nephew-in-law looked handsome and so in love. He lit up when he saw Hannah, and he was smiling and teary the whole time she walked toward him. A perfect groom.  AND Colby totally scored points with me by promising to support Hannah’s creativity. I already knew he was cool, but his vows sealed it!

I love it when couples write their own vows. It’s such a nice touch. Hannah and Colby also did a sand ceremony. I wasn’t familiar with this, so I looked it up. According to www.celebrateintimateweddings.com:

“The ‘Blending of the Sands’ ceremony can be a beautiful and meaningful alternative to the “Unity Candle” ceremony…the pouring of two different colored sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom or the joining of their families.”

Nice! Because Colby and Hannah were married at The Rusty Pelican, with a view of the Gulf as their backdrop, the sand ceremony was not only pretty but thematic too.

After they were announced as husband and wife, the wedding party stayed in the main ballroom for pictures, as the guests made their way to the lounge for cocktails. Yay!

I know weddings are meant to bring people together. Hannah and Colby succeeded in this aspect too. Throughout the weekend, I talked and laughed with my parents, my brothers, my nephew and his girlfriend, my aunt and uncle, my cousins, and my Mom and Dad’s friends. AND I danced like crazy with my Mom, my Aunt Margie, my cousin Susan, and my Mom’s friend, Mary. So much fun!

Thank you, Hannah and Colby, for giving Benjamin and me an opportunity to connect with people and a chance to have such a memorable weekend in Florida. Thank you for sharing yourselves and your day with us. We love you! Many, many happy years to both of you! XOXOXO